Renovation and Construction Updates

The latest news

May 4: Timelines set; design choices made

We are on track for equipment to arrive in mid June with, electrical work to be done before installation of the new HVAC system. Removal and installation of basement unit is set to begin in July. This week, some of our renovation team members met with Sarah Somers and Lee Hill of Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford architects to choose interior design items for the restroom and kitchen remodel. We welcome your questions and concerns as we continue with the renovation process.

April 20: Asbestos removal complete; survey work underway 

The Renovation Oversight Committee (ROC) reports that asbestos removal was successfully completed in the kitchen, parish hall and basement last week. The church kitchen is still officially a construction zone, but we can now access the coffee area, refrigerator and freezer. This week surveyors were on premises to update boundary lines and prepare our site for construction. Our architecture firm will meet with ROC members on Wednesday, April 25 to establish a timeline for HVAC construction. Behind the scenes, Century Mechanical has scheduled subcontractors and issued purchase orders for our project. Look for construction equipment to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. We welcome your questions and concerns throughout this process!