Folk Mass (Rite II)

Trinity’s Rite II folk mass is a contemporary style of worship using common English and inclusive language from Enriching Our Worship, a supplemental resource of The Episcopal Church. Music from Trinity’s beloved folk music group enhances the service. Instead of the organ, guitars, keyboards, flutes, and other instruments accompany our singing.

What you should know…

  • You will receive an announcement and worship bulletin as you enter. The worship bulletin includes all readings and congregational responses. You typically do not need to use the Book of Common Prayer found in the pews. Instructions (rubrics) indicating when the congregation sits, stands and kneels are also included in the worship bulletin.
  • Songs at the Folk Mass typically come from Trinity’s Folk Songbook. Greeters at the service will hand you a copy. Songbooks can also be found on the cart placed in the middle aisle of the church.
  • Readers do not read from a podium, but instead stand in the congregation to read the Lessons and the Prayers of the People.
  • After the Offertory, the entire congregation gathers around the altar for the Great Thanksgiving and Communion. There are chairs available for those holding babies and for those who cannot stand for long periods. Children are especially welcome.
  • All baptized individuals are welcome to receive Communion. If you do not wish to receive Communion, simply cross your arms across your chest as you approach the altar to receive a blessing instead.
  • On the (third) Sunday of each month, the Folk Group hosts a potluck meal in the Parish Hall. All are welcome!