Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation FAQs

1. How can I make a donation? 
It is easy to make donations of cash, stock or other appreciated assets such as real estate or art. Trusts, bonds and a charitable IRA rollover are other such assets. Speak with any Foundation board member for guidance and always consult your financial or legal advisor.

2. What is Trinity Foundation's Employee Identification Number and mailing address?
Trinity Foundation's EID # is 27-4026174. This is an important piece of information you'll want to have when making a gift to the Foundation.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1000085, Fort Worth, Texas 76185.

3. What is the minimum amount I can contribute? 
There is no minimum amount requirement. An advantage of the Foundation is that assets can be pooled while honoring the specific intentions of each donor. 

4.  When would I contribute to the Foundation and when to the annual Stewardship Campaign?
Pledging to the annual Stewardship Campaign helps meet the basic ongoing operating needs of the Parish.  Gifts to the Foundation are typically long-term, strategic objectives of Trinity.

5. Why are a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and board required? 
The Trinity Foundation's Board of Directors is dedicated to encouraging and growing enduring gifts that will enable Trinity Church to do great works.  In addition, outside legal counsel advised that Texas law will only protect assets from potential liability if they are in separately chartered entities.

6. Who can serve on the Foundation's Board and how are they selected?
The Foundation's by-laws call for not less than six (6) nor more than twelve (12) voting members who shall be selected by the Board, approved by the Vestry and announced at the annual parish meeting.  Members of the Board shall be members of Trinity Episcopal Church of Fort Worth or a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, however one member of the Board need not be Episcopalian.  The Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church of Fort Worth will be represented by not less than one (1) but never a majority of the Board of Directors. 

7. What if a new board wants to use the funds for other purposes? 
This would violate the Foundation's bylaws and its covenant with Trinity. The Vestry has multiple remedies to resolve possible violations as written in the Foundation's by-laws.

8. Why do we need a investment manager? 
Consolidation of assets creates an investment pool large enough to attract one of the top-echelon and most respected capital management companies in Fort Worth, Luther King Capital Management. A conservative investment policy should provide save and stable returns, even considering management fees. 

9. Are the Foundation Board meetings open to anyone? 
Yes. Bylaws call for at least four meetings per year and open to all parishioners.