Two year old

Two-Year-Old Curriculum

The two year old year is a year spent with much time devoted to developing the confidence to be away from home and to trust another adult with our needs and concerns. Although many children are engaging in “side by side” play at this age, they are also learning about sharing, taking turns, and working cooperatively.

Two year olds start the year with everything being “me or mine”, and progress to a sense of themselves and awareness of others around them by the end of the year. Two year olds also begin exploring their world in an organized manner. Topics like the seasons, holidays, butterflies, nursery rhymes, and the Texas rodeo, bring familiar objects and subjects into new focus from many different perspectives. Listening, talking, and observing augment touching to replace “tasting” as the most prominent sensory experience of the two year old child.

The children learn school skills like lining up, hand washing, gluing, coloring, painting, and other fine and large motor skills. Two year olds have a "recess" time everyday, either on the playground where there are scooters, tricycles, a climbing piece and imaginative play areas, or indoors in the multi-purpose room. Physical Education class uses songs and games to work on motor skills like hopping, jumping, ball throwing and catching, as well as rhythmic movement. In the classroom two year olds are exposed to the printed word, counting in one to one correspondence and naming that process with numbers.

Two year olds are constantly encouraged to "use their words" and to try to recognize their feelings of happiness, anger, or sadness.