Stewardship at Trinity

We Love to Tell the Story

Almighty God, whose gifts of blessing and grace have no end, write in our hearts your joy and zeal to tell the story of our faith by our words, by our deeds, and by offering all that you have given us: our lives, our gifts, our resources. Grant us also a portion of your never-ending generosity, that we may proclaim your love and mercy to the world around us through our parish community; through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Read on to learn more about pledging, proportional giving and joyful discernment

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A pledge is your personal commitment to return to God a particular and defined amount of time, talent, and treasure through the life and ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church. It is your direct and tangible response to God’s extravagant gifts made known through creation. Your commitment enables God’s work in the church, the community and the world. It allows our parish to make a financial commitment with our budget for the mission of the church and gives us the talented hands and energy of volunteers to fulfill the many activities of our parish family.


The Bible instructs us to tithe, returning to God the first tenth of all we receive. This is based on the principle that all we have, indeed all of creation, comes from and belongs to God. We honor God’s incredible generosity by returning the FIRST one-tenth to God’s storehouse, the church.

Giving 10% may seem like a daunting proposal, and more than many of us can begin to consider. However, when we do not prayerfully consider tithing, we miss the opportunity to put our hearts, our finances, and indeed our lives, fully into the trust and care of God.

We ask that you take the first step toward tithing by making a careful examination of your household income, spending, and giving practices.

Please consider the spiritual principle of proportional giving, which may be based on either net or gross income and, therefore, is unique to the income of each household. Divide the amount you give by your total income or use the proportional giving chart to determine your current percentage of giving.

If you have never pledged, we recommend starting at 2-3% of your household income. The national average is 2.6%, so this starting place gives you a first step that is in line with many church-goers in our country.

If you currently pledge and your commitment is not 2-3% of your household income, we ask you to prayerfully consider making 2-3% of income the goal for your 2018 pledge. If your current pledge is over 2-3%, please prayerfully consider increasing your total amount by 1% of household income for your 2018 pledge.

what guides us?

Tithing is a spiritual practice. It requires goal-setting, effort, and sacrifice. Becoming a tithing congregation means taking that critical and necessary first step. If each of us increases our current pledge by 1% of our total household income this year and continue the practice of increasing our commitment each year by 1%, we will become a tithing congregation. Reaching that goal will inevitably transform the life and ministry of this faith community.

The leadership of Trinity Church is committed to this goal, and we hope and pray you will join us as we take this first step. The staff and clergy of our parish tithe. The Wardens and Vestry all pledge proportionally. 

The spiritual practice of tithing allows us to serve Christ better by focusing our hearts and our minds on God’s generosity towards each of us. When we give proportionally, no matter what the percentage, our relationship with God deepens because we are responding to what God has done for us. 

how do i make my pledge?

Trinity offers two ways to notify us of your pledge commitment. You may complete a 2018 pledge card and return it to the church office. Or click here to complete an online pledge form. Information on this secure webpage goes directly to the parish administrator. 


There are several ways to make your contribution to Trinity.

  1. Place your contribution in the offering plate each Sunday. Please make checks payable to "Trinity Episcopal Church."
  2. Mail your contribution to: Trinity Episcopal Church, c/o Bookkeeper, 3401 Bellaire Drive South, Fort Worth, TX 76109. To make this easier, you can receive quarterly pre-addressed contribution envelopes. You can request these on both the paper pledge card and online pledge form.
  3. Set up online bill pay. Using your bank's online bill pay service, you may send your gift electronically. You will need the following information when you visit your bank's website: Trinity Episcopal Church, 3401 Bellaire Drive South, Fort Worth, TX 76109, 817-926-4631. In the account or memo line note: "General Operating Fund."
  4. Give online. Click here to contribute using your credit card or PayPal account.
  5. Donate stock. Please check with your tax advisor as to the tax benefits of donating stock. For more information, contact Trinity's Bookkeeper at 817-926-4631.

We are ready to help!

  • The staff of Trinity Episcopal Church is glad to assist you in making your contribution. If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please call us at 817-926-4631.